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We believe that it is a collective responsibility by all of us to improve on the health of our communities and the World as a whole. It is the activities such as these that drive us to help as much as we possibly can to improve the lives of people through the involvement in health activities within our communities.


Some girls in our communities don’t attend school because of small but very important issues such as menstruation due to lack of sanitary pads. With problems such as these, with the help of some donations from well-wishers and partner organizations, we are able to provide hygiene related items like sanitary pads to these little ones so that they can feel confident to attend school again without shame.


Women empowerment is our primary focus as GECU, and we are always looking for ways to continually empower the women within our communities through things such as sensitization on child care, business and human rights. We also help them start small businesses through which they can sustain their families, provide skills training and also provide some seeds and seedlings for those that are able to garden