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About Us

Girl empowerment coalition Uganda is a community based organization whose core value is to empower and provide skills to the young people and mothers for their day to day sustainability.

Girl empowerment coalition Uganda was founded in January 2016 by Amri Zainab after handling so many cases on domestic violence and realizing that poverty was the root cause of the violence that was faced by women within these families.

After 2 years of love and favor with vulnerable women, Amri Zainab legally established Girl empowerment coalition Uganda.

We are involved in a number of activities .which include: Providing skills like tailoring, farming, weaving, and baking to 

We provide mentorship programs e.g., we go to various schools teaching them various aspects of life 

We provide psycho-social support to the sick, the homeless and the venerable.

We also have a family care program in which we look after for the malnourished children and try to link them to different stake holders like the Police and respective government bodies.

Girl empowerment coalition Uganda and the work we do is dependent upon contributions of those who desire to share in our Vision to Offer sustainable and affordable sources of income through vocational training to the girl child and young mothers, to provide relief to the girl child in rural schools  and communities.


Our Team

AMRI ZAINAB –Founder & Director